September 9, 2014

Track List

1Introduction: It Began With a Letter
2Hikari [Piano Duet]
3The Promised Beginning
4Destiny Islands
8Gummi Ship Rhapsody
9Traverse Town
10Welcome to Wonderland
11Waltz of the Damned
12Pirate’s Gigue
13Desire for All That is Lost
15Roxas / The Other Promise
16Lazy Afternoon Streets
17Secrets of Neverland
18Working Together
19Hollow Bastion
20Hand in Hand
21Rage Awakened (feat. Christopher Woo)
22Dearly Beloved

Full Credits

The trio of musicians behind the project are Kristin Naigus, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff.

  • Kristin Naigus: orchestration, mixing, sampling, oboe, English horn, flute, piccolo, melodica, assorted misc.
  • David Russell: orchestration, piano, mixing
  • Sebastian Wolff: orchestration, piano
  • Braxton Burks: featured guest arranger, orchestrator, sample programmer on "Traverse Town"
  • Joseph Tomasso: clarinet, bassoon
  • Lauren Staniszewski: clarinet
  • James Naigus: horn
  • Michael Fee: trumpet
  • Christopher Woo: violin
  • Joanna Lee: viola
  • Pam Pilipovich: cello
  • Ro Panuganti: ukulele
  • Eric Buchholz: consulting

Why isn't it free?

Primarily, for legal reasons. Creating and distributing cover songs legally incurs royalties that need to be paid.

Additionally, creating music takes a long time! We have put in hundreds of hours over many months to plan, arrange, orchestrate, record, mix, master our music. All revenue made will go directly into our next project, so if you enjoy what you hear, consider supporting our endeavors!

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